Regeneration of Lost Hard and Soft Tissue

Your periodontist may recommend a procedure to regenerate tissue around your teeth that has been lost due to Periodontal Disease. This type of procedure can reverse some of the damage by building support around your natural teeth. This helps you to keep your teeth.

During this procedure, your periodontist gently lifts the gum tissue, allowing the opportunity for the area to be fully cleaned. Once the area is cleaned and given the opportunity to begin to heal, we will then place materials as needed to maximize the amount of support to build and facilitate maximum health. These materials are specific to each situation, but can include bone grafts, growth factors, and/or membranes.

This procedure helps in multiple ways. First, it eliminates disease causing bacteria, and halts the disease process. Second, we help your body build support by aiding in the healing process.

Once you have had this procedure, it is very important to continue to see both your Periodontist and General Dentist on a regular basis. The goal of this procedure is to keep your teeth, and we are committed to helping you keep them for life!