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Dr. Rasmussen Explains His Greatest Satisfaction From His Profession

What is the greatest satisfaction that Dr. Rasmussen derives from his profession? He explains below:

The greatest satisfaction that we see is the life transforming effects that it has on our patients. And with periodontal disease, this is something that does affect our systemic health, so it really is a lifelong commitment not just to oral health but also to systemic health of the patient as well.

We also find that many of our patients become an extended family, become very good friends of ours. In fact, one of my close friends, Arch Deal, got me into skydiving and got me into flying planes. Another great patient as well a good friend of mine is John Turner. And John, who is world-class barefoot water skier, got me into water skiing as well, but not holding it with my teeth!

Continuing Education Programs Offered by Dr. Rasmussen

At Implant & Periodontal Therapy, we are looked upon as the leaders and educators in continuing dental education in our dental implants and periodontal therapy community. We offer programs at our office almost every week in the evening providing information on new and innovative techniques to help our patients. In addition, we have the local chapter of the Seattle Study Club and this is a study club that is in over 250 locations throughout the world and providing leading dental education for our colleagues. Dr. Rasmussen's son, Dr. Rick III,  has also joined us in giving lectures to the dental community. Both doctors also lecture oftentimes to dental societies, in some cases to clinicians that number as many as 1,000 at a time. And our goal is to be the resource for leading edge dental technology, and continuing dental education, in the community.


Rasmussen Biologic Shaping Kit

Rasmussen Biologic Shaping Kit

We just received the prototype for the Rasmussen Biologic Shaping Kit at our office today! Once the product goes into final production, the kits will be sold and distributed internationally to gum surgeons worldwide with the Rasmussen name on it.

Exciting News About Dr. Rick III and Dr. Matt!

Within the last week, both Dr. Rick Rasmussen III and Dr. Matt  Rasmussen received amazing news and we are so excited to share them with you! Dr. Matt was selected to be Chief Resident of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Periodontology Program!

In addition, Dr. Rick received notice that he passed the oral boards (he passed the written boards previously). What does that mean? Dr. Rick is a now a board certified periodontist, and will have the title of Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology!

Please join us in congratulating both doctors on their accomplishments!

The Rasmussens: An Entire Family of Dentists

Dr. Rick Rasmussen III is the oldest son of Dr. Richard Rasmussen, Jr. and Dr. Angela Rasmussen (of Gentle Dentistry). In this special blog, Dr. Rasmussen III describes what it is like to grow up with parents who are in the field of dentistry and what it is like today, joining dad as a periodontal surgeon at Implant & Periodontal Therapy

My mom, my dad, my wife, my brothers, my sister are all dentists, so you can imagine growing up I knew a lot about dentistry. In fact, from a young age, I always wanted to be a dentist. It is funny because at the dinner table, we always have a lot to talk about and we can bring each other ideas for how to treat different patient’s situations. To say that I am passionate about dentistry is an understatement. Every day I look forward to treating new patients with new unique problems and situations and to help them solve that issue, achieve good oral health, and as a result, ultimately, achieve good systemic health.

How Does Dr. Rasmussen Earn the Trust of His Patients?

Trust is very important when it comes to a doctor-patient relationship. So how does Dr. Rasmussen earn the trust of his patients? A long time patient and now personal friend of Dr. Rasmussen answers that question! 

He certainly had the knowledge—that came through all the way. He explained everything that was going to happen and he was right on the button for everything. He became a very close, personal friend. I felt very confident all the time in seeing him not only as a periodontist, but as a friend.

Being in the television business for many years and working with all sorts of professional equipment I was very impressed by his office. I saw only professional gear and the people were so knowledgeable and that really impressed me.

In going into the office regularly I ran into many other patients and everybody seemed so relaxed and calm and enjoying that. And everybody wanted to look their very best with their dental health and that really came through.

FAQ: How Does Dr. Rasmussen Keep Patients Comfortable During Implant Placement?

Dr. Rasmussen is frequently asked, "How do you keep patients comfortable during and after dental implant treatment?" Below, he answers your question!

Most patients find that the most uncomfortable part of the procedure actually is the anticipation of the procedure itself, and after the procedure most patients tell us that they are really surprised they worried so much about it prior to surgery because it really was a very comfortable experience. Most patients, in fact, will do extremely well after surgery, simply by taking ibuprofen, Advil, or something of that nature.

In fact, I can tell you a story, one of my patients I treated back in the early 1990s, a very, very famous motivational speaker. After we completed his implant surgery, he flew to Buffalo, New York, and gave a lecture to 15,000 people and never missed a beat.

For some patients, we do offer different options to make the experience more comfortable. The first is the administration of nitrous oxide, which is sometimes called laughing gas. The second option would be to take a pill prior to the surgery, and once again, the patient feels very comfortable and time just sort of flies by. And the third option would be the administration of intravenous conscious sedation. We administer certain medications that will make the experience much more comfortable for the patient, and in addition, the patient forgets almost everything that has happened throughout the procedure.

Dr. Rasmussen and Dr. Rasmussen, III Working Together As A Team!

Since officially joining us in 2014, many patients (and doctors!) have asked Dr. Rasmussen, III,

How do you like working with your dad in the periodontal and implant practice?” Below, Dr. Rasmussen, III answers the question! “It has been great working with my dad in the practice. As a father and son duo, we bring a great, unique dynamic to the table. On one hand, you have my father, a true implant pioneer of the field, and a lot of clinical experience, actually over 32 years. On the other hand, you have myself; I am able to bring new, innovative procedures and great knowledge to the table, and as a result, we are able to provide the best to our patients and give world class outcomes.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a dentist, even going to dental school I knew I wanted to be a periodontist eventually, and it was just very neat to grow up in a family full of dentists and a periodontist for a father.


The Rasmussens work together to be the best Tampa periodontists they can be!

Get to Know Dr. Rasmussen III and Learn More About His Periodontal Residency Program!

Frequently Asked Question: "What were some of the highlights of your periodontal residency program at the University of Florida?"

It was great. At the University of Florida, in my residency program, I was able to do a lot of research, a lot of studies on different subjects. I also received my master’s degree in oral and maxillofacial pathology and sciences. I did get to publish a study regarding specific receptor cells in the epithelium and their involvement with the progression and onset of periodontal disease, and that was very neat.

From a clinical perspective, I feel that UF was actually the best program in the country. We had a lot of major cases from all over the southeastern United States, a lot of multidisciplinary cases. We got a great overall spectrum of different treatment planning, whether it be through bone augmentation, soft tissue development, implant placements, IV sedation, and everything else. It was a great program. In addition to our clinical training and research background, we also had intensive studies in IV sedation. Our training was done through the College of Medicine as well as through the Department of Anesthesiology. Having that background of knowledge for IV sedation is very important. It allows me to treat my patients that are very anxious and scared to have procedures performed. We are able to put them in a relaxed state during the procedure where they almost feel like they are taking a nap throughout.

Highlights of Dr. Richard Rasmussen's Periodontal Residency Program

Dr. Richard Rasmussen, III completed residency training in Periodontology at the University of Florida, Shands Hospital. During his chief year, he also received a Master’s Degree in oral and maxillofacial pathology and sciences as well as certification in Intravenous Conscious Sedation. Watch this video below to find out the highlights of the program!

What Are Older Patients Telling Dr. Rasmussen About Dental Implants?

What do older patients tell Dr. Rasmussen after dental implant treatment?

Dr. Rasmussen's answer:

Our population is graying, as they say, and we actually see many patients now in their seventh, eighth, and ninth decades of life. And it is interesting to think about this, but as we age, we all have to eat. We have to interact. And who is it for anyone to say that people that are in their 80s or 90s cannot experience and enjoy those things in life?

I will tell you, when I was early in my career, matter of fact, in my first two years I was in practice, I met a patient by the name of Mabel Claire, and Mabel was 95 years old. And at that time, I said, “Based upon your age, I do not think we would want to treat you as a patient.”

And she grabbed me by the ear, and she said, “Sonny, This is something I want to do, and you are going to do it for me.” And she taught me a very valuable lesson. We did actually place implants in the upper and lower, converted her from what was previously a denture experience to something where she could really smile and interact. And she lived to age 105. She proved to me that age is not a contraindication to the placement of dental implants.

How Do You Become a Patient of Dr. Rasmussen and Dr. Rasmussen III?

We are always welcoming new patients into our office, and many of those patients are actually referred from other patients, family, and friends.  Although most patients are referred from other general dentists, it is not the only way to become part of our practice.  It does not really matter how patients find us, whether it is through the web, whether it is through other families, through friends. Right now, the current prevalence of periodontal disease in the United States is approximately 50 percent.  Contrary to popular belief, young children and young adolescents, they can also have periodontal disease.  It does not just affect adults.  Because of the high prevalence of periodontal disease, as well as the fact that it does affect young children, it is a good idea to have the entire family come to our office and have an examination and eventually a consultation.

Have you been referred to see Dr. Richard Rasmussen or Dr. Richard Rasmussen, III? Call us today at (813) 977- 2928 to schedule a new patient exam!

Dr. Rasmussen and Dr.Rasmussen III Are Welcoming New Patients!

Do new patients have to be referred by a general dentist to see us? Absolutely not! Both Dr. Richard Rasmussen and Dr. Richard Rasmussen III are welcoming new patients, whether they are referred by their dentist, other patients, family or friends! Watch below to find out why it is important to schedule for an examination and consultation right away!

Patient's History With Dr. Rasmussen (30+ Years and Counting!)

Arch has been a long term patient at Implant & Periodontal Therapy. His history with Dr. Rasmussen spans over 30 plus years.  Read the interview below to find out how he met Dr. Rasmussen and why he is still seeing him today! Question: Tell us about your long association with Dr. Rasmussen, both personally and professionally.

I first met him professionally because I went to a dentist, I had a filling put in, and amazingly a couple days later the filling fell out. I told my wife I was going back to that fellow and she said no, you are not going to see him; I want you to see somebody else. So she assigned me to a young dentist who checked me over and he said you have got some real problems. I said well, my dentist thought I had no problems. He said yes, you have periodontal problems and you should see a periodontist. And he showed me a list of periodontists and he said this fellow is right at the top of the list. I said well, I will go to the first one, the most important. And that is how I got to meet Richard Rasmussen. And I was very, very impressed. First of all, he obviously knew what he was doing and I really appreciated that. Growing up as a kid I was always afraid of the dentist, many people are, and very shortly I felt very comfortable every time I went to see him and enjoyed the visit. That is something to be said about going to your dentist and having fun.

When he examined me thoroughly he said you know, you really need the work on all four quadrants in the mouth. He said you need some deep scaling on that and he said we’ll do one a week through that. And I said no, let us just do all four at one time. He decided well, if you insist on that, he did it. And of course, I got off the table after that, it was a lengthy procedure, as you know, and he said how do you feel? I said I feel awful. He said really, what is the problem? I said I have four cups of coffee before I got on the table, otherwise no problem.

”I got along with it very well. I am thinking he exuded so much confidence that it spilled over into the dental work and gave me confidence and I felt very confident working with him, you know. Like in the television news business you work with a newsman you know he knows what he is doing, you appreciate that very much. And I saw I was with a dentist who knew what he was doing and that was most important.