Laser Therapy

Laser use in dentistry and medicine is nothing new. In fact, lasers have been used in dentistry to some degree or another for the past twenty years in different capacities. Originally seeing their use for painless decay removal and cavity preparation, they have expanded to include treatment for periodontal disease.

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

The use of a laser in periodontal disease treatment involves the removal of periodontally diseased tissue, which is pigmented differently than healthy tissue, thereby encouraging adherence of healthy tissue to the tooth root. Laser therapy occurs in steps or stages, allowing the tissue to heal incrementally up the root surface. 

The use of laser therapy will eliminate the need for surgical procedures involving a scalpel and suturing. It is minimally invasive and will allow for patients to return to normal activities after the procedure. 

While laser has been used for periodontal care, many things should be considered such as

  • the extent of periodontal disease

  • the area of treatment

  • determining whether long term success can be achieved with laser versus other procedures

  • the experience of your treating provider

We are here to help you with every treatment decision that you make. If you have questions as to what method of treatment is right for your level of periodontal disease, please feel free to contact us for a comprehensive examination.