Dental Implants

Dental implants have been in successful use since the 1970's, and have been increasing in predictability ever since. They are certainly one of the most predictable procedures in dentistry, approaching nearly 100% success! One of the keys to success is choosing a qualified surgeon that has been through proper training, including a specialty residency program focusing on the placement of dental implants. Implant & Periodontal Therapy, located in Tampa Florida, is one of the most most-well-respected practices in the country.

Did you know? Our practice has successfully placed over 15,000 dental implants since 1982. We were also the first periodontal practice in Tampa with gum surgeons to be trained in the "tunneling" microsurgical technique utilizing Alloderm for correction of receding gums. Experience and utilizing the latest techniques and technology are critical in ensuring you receive the best possible care and the greatest results. Not all Periodontal care is the same, call us today to experience the difference.

My level of confidence has zoomed! I can now smile freely and not feel that I have to smile or “hide” my teeth anymore. To be able to eat anything and thoroughly enjoy it is something “all new” to me.
— Jeanne Bowne


Dental implants are a miracle of modern science. It was discovered that the human body can actually bond to Titanium permanently. In fact, it was the use of dental implants that enabled the technology for hip and knee replacements in modern medicine! Dental implants replace the roots of missing teeth and help to restore chewing function and the beauty of natural teeth.


A natural choice

Modern dental implants mimic the root of a tooth, thereby providing the support needed for chewing. Not only do implants provide for replacement of missing teeth, they also prevent bone loss. When you lose teeth, you typically lose the bone that has been holding a tooth in place because your body isn't using that bone anymore. When you choose to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant, that bone is maintained over time, allowing you to keep a fuller smile and better chewing ability. Without the aid of dental implants, missing teeth can lead to a collapsed appearance of the face, lost lip support and increased wrinkles. They are also very strong, being made of pure Titanium, and can withstand the immense forces of chewing.

Dental implants placed in the front of the mouth, or the "Esthetic Zone" require a high amount of expertise in order to achieve proper esthetics and architecture of the gum tissues. That's why it's important to have a doctor that is experienced with implant placement and all associated procedures, to make sure it's done right the first time. At Implant & Periodontal Therapy, we have completed over 15,000 implants, and are very experienced in all types of implant placement. 


Believe it, or not, a full jaw of missing teeth can be replaced by as little as five implants! In the case of dentures, especially the bottom denture that typically "floats" in the mouth, can be stabilized with as little as two implants. If you have more than one missing tooth, dental implants can help to restore proper function, as well as esthetics.

What about my implant surgeon?

In many states, any dentist with minimal training can declare themselves to be a "dental implant specialist", even without any formal or proper training. In fact, any dentist can take a course on Saturday and Sunday, place dental implants in a plastic model and be placing dental implants in patients on Monday!

Periodontists spend three years in post-graduate residency training learning not only the surgical placement of dental implants, but, the history, healing on a microscopic level and how to handle complications. Most surgeons place an average of 150 dental implants in their residency alone on actual patients.

Together, the clinicians at Implant and Periodontal Therapy placed over 15,000 dental implants. It is very important to know the skill level of your implant surgeon, including their training level, as well as the amount of implant experience they have in private practice. Surgeons (or dentists) that place only a few dental implants each year may not have the experience or expertise to provide the level of treatment and ongoing care that you'll need.

Follow-up Care

One of the precepts of periodontal training is long term follow-up and care.  It is very important when choosing a surgeon to find out the level of follow-up care. Periodontists follow patients for years after providing dental implant therapy, catching any problems early in the process.  Many clinicians only place the implants and do not specialize in the long-term maintenance of those implants.  You may see them again, but, only if it's too late!

One of the reasons Implant & Periodontal Therapy has been considered a leader in the community with a great reputation is because we stand behind our work, and have been around long enough to show it! Many of our patients have had implants in their mouth for over 30 years, and still are functioning perfectly.

Also, many patients come to us after having implants placed somewhere else, and rely on our expertise to help maintain them. We are happy to help patients any way we can to give them the best long term result.