It’s time to kick off another academic year with the Seattle Study Club- Tampa Chapter! This year we welcome new guest speakers, as well as exciting topics that will facilitate thought provoking group discussions.

Over the last fifteen years, the Seattle Study Club-Tampa has had the privilege of providing continuing dental education courses for our members and it is our mission to continue providing courses that are current with today’s dental advances.

As a member you can look forward to the following benefits:

-Approximately 24 hours of continuing dental education credits for the entire academic year

-All continuing dental education credits can be obtained within a comprehensive program

-Only the most well-respected speakers, both nationally and internationally, are chosen and available exclusively to club members

-Invaluable training opportunities through participation in clinical and management courses

-Tuition for the study club is tax-deductible as dues and subscriptions for continuing dental education; our membership dues have not increased in 10 years

-A quarterly journal, outlining cases as they are treatment-planned and treated

-Access to National Seattle Study Club meetings

-Access to National Seattle Study Club website and Virtual Toolbox with your own login (loaded with resources to help build and market your practice)

-Camaraderie with the best and brightest in Tampa Bay, many who have been in the field for 20+ years

If you are interested in joining the Seattle Study Club Tampa Chapter, please contact MyVan at (813) 977- 2928.

For the full digital booklet, please click here to download it!