What are the benefits of using dental implants in lieu of a denture? Dentures are a replacement for teeth, but they are not really a natural solution, much like if we lost an arm or a limb. A prosthetic device certainly is something that might be necessary, but it will never be quite as good as the original. In contrast, dental implants offer a very natural solution for missing teeth. In fact, we know that when we lose our natural teeth and wear dentures, our chewing function and efficiency diminishes to roughly 20 percent.

By placing dental implants, we can restore to 90 to 95 percent. In fact, one of Dr. Rasmussen's patients who he treated back in 1987 had severe periodontal disease. His name is John Turner, and we could not save any of his teeth. Every tooth had to be taken out; we placed dental implants on the upper and placed dental implants on the lower. They amazing thing about John is that his hobby is--he is a world class barefoot water-skier, and John actually set four world’s records holding the tow line in his teeth as he was barefoot waterskiing, and John continues to this day. We see him twice a year, and his implants are doing perfectly well. He smiles, he eats anything he wants to eat, bone and soft tissue perfectly preserved, just an outstanding success story.

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