What are the advantages of having a tooth replaced with dental implants rather than with a fixed bridge? 

Dental implants are the most natural and conservative innovation in dentistry. In contrast to the replacement of teeth with a fixed bridge, where the adjacent teeth have to be destroyed in order to replace that single tooth, a dental implant is conservative of the adjacent tooth structure. We also know that when dental implants are placed and maintained in health, the bone and the soft tissue are also maintained. This is in contrast to any other type of restorative solution where bone and soft tissue will continue to shrink away from disuse and atrophy.

The other thing that is very, very interesting is, we take a look at the cost effectiveness of a dental implant. Insurance companies tell us that the average lifespan of a fixed bridge is anywhere from five to seven years, which means that over the lifetime of a patient, that bridge may have to be replaced many times. In contrast, we know that dental implants can last a lifetime. So, from just a perspective of financial differences, the dental implant represents a much more cost effective solution and certainly a very conservative solution as well.

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