Do you need your wisdom teeth removed? Dr. Rick Rasmussen III explains why a patient should have them removed with him:

Traditionally third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, have been taken out by the oral surgeon. In fact, my periodontal residency at the University of Florida is probably one of the only residencies in the United States that heavily trains with wisdom teeth extractions. Over the time that I learned my periodontal training, I have seen lots of periodontal defects that result from third molar extractions. And so by applying that knowledge to my oral surgery technique I am able to basically help prevent those future defects from occurring after the extraction and essentially help the patient, give them a win-win situation. In addition, the patient has less discomfort, less swelling, and seems to have an overall better experience when treated at our office.

One of the advantages I have of noting that there are periodontal defects that exist after third molar extractions is I can take that into account when doing my surgeries and help prevent them in the future, therefore making a more conservatory surgery for the patient. In fact, the patient can actually avoid a second surgery.