Trust is very important when it comes to a doctor-patient relationship. So how does Dr. Rasmussen earn the trust of his patients? A long time patient and now personal friend of Dr. Rasmussen answers that question! 

He certainly had the knowledge—that came through all the way. He explained everything that was going to happen and he was right on the button for everything. He became a very close, personal friend. I felt very confident all the time in seeing him not only as a periodontist, but as a friend.

Being in the television business for many years and working with all sorts of professional equipment I was very impressed by his office. I saw only professional gear and the people were so knowledgeable and that really impressed me.

In going into the office regularly I ran into many other patients and everybody seemed so relaxed and calm and enjoying that. And everybody wanted to look their very best with their dental health and that really came through.