Frequently Asked Question: "What were some of the highlights of your periodontal residency program at the University of Florida?"

It was great. At the University of Florida, in my residency program, I was able to do a lot of research, a lot of studies on different subjects. I also received my master’s degree in oral and maxillofacial pathology and sciences. I did get to publish a study regarding specific receptor cells in the epithelium and their involvement with the progression and onset of periodontal disease, and that was very neat.

From a clinical perspective, I feel that UF was actually the best program in the country. We had a lot of major cases from all over the southeastern United States, a lot of multidisciplinary cases. We got a great overall spectrum of different treatment planning, whether it be through bone augmentation, soft tissue development, implant placements, IV sedation, and everything else. It was a great program. In addition to our clinical training and research background, we also had intensive studies in IV sedation. Our training was done through the College of Medicine as well as through the Department of Anesthesiology. Having that background of knowledge for IV sedation is very important. It allows me to treat my patients that are very anxious and scared to have procedures performed. We are able to put them in a relaxed state during the procedure where they almost feel like they are taking a nap throughout.