Arch has been a long term patient at Implant & Periodontal Therapy. His history with Dr. Rasmussen spans over 30 plus years.  Read the interview below to find out how he met Dr. Rasmussen and why he is still seeing him today! Question: Tell us about your long association with Dr. Rasmussen, both personally and professionally.

I first met him professionally because I went to a dentist, I had a filling put in, and amazingly a couple days later the filling fell out. I told my wife I was going back to that fellow and she said no, you are not going to see him; I want you to see somebody else. So she assigned me to a young dentist who checked me over and he said you have got some real problems. I said well, my dentist thought I had no problems. He said yes, you have periodontal problems and you should see a periodontist. And he showed me a list of periodontists and he said this fellow is right at the top of the list. I said well, I will go to the first one, the most important. And that is how I got to meet Richard Rasmussen. And I was very, very impressed. First of all, he obviously knew what he was doing and I really appreciated that. Growing up as a kid I was always afraid of the dentist, many people are, and very shortly I felt very comfortable every time I went to see him and enjoyed the visit. That is something to be said about going to your dentist and having fun.

When he examined me thoroughly he said you know, you really need the work on all four quadrants in the mouth. He said you need some deep scaling on that and he said we’ll do one a week through that. And I said no, let us just do all four at one time. He decided well, if you insist on that, he did it. And of course, I got off the table after that, it was a lengthy procedure, as you know, and he said how do you feel? I said I feel awful. He said really, what is the problem? I said I have four cups of coffee before I got on the table, otherwise no problem.

”I got along with it very well. I am thinking he exuded so much confidence that it spilled over into the dental work and gave me confidence and I felt very confident working with him, you know. Like in the television news business you work with a newsman you know he knows what he is doing, you appreciate that very much. And I saw I was with a dentist who knew what he was doing and that was most important.