Have you ever wondered..what is the success rate for dental implants? Read below to find out the answer from Dr. Rasmussen!

Our success rate with dental implants over the past 32 years has exceeded 95 percent, which is an amazing statistic when you think about the fact that there are very few procedures in dentistry or medicine that could rival that success rate. I think what is even more amazing is that our success rate with dental implants over the past five years has been 100 percent, which means we have had no failures whatsoever.

And what that means for our patients is an enhanced quality of life. Many of our patients are social invalids. In fact, they cannot eat. They cannot function in society, and after rebuilding with implants, they can do that again. In some of our younger patients, kids that are just going through college might be missing an upper central incisor or lateral incisor. Again, it could be something that has a social stigma, and by rebuilding with implants we can create a beautiful smile for these young people.