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Did you know that Dr. Rasmussen is so passionate about dental implants that he dedicates a part of his time to advanced clinical research and in turn has authored many articles based on his findings? In the past 32 years, Dr. Rasmussen has authored articles in The Journal of Dental Research, The Journal of the Florida Dental Association, Implantology Update, and  many more academic journals. For example, clinicians can find the article “Osseointegrated Implants in Cranial Bone Grafts for Mandibular Reconstruction” in the The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery (Click on this link to read the article!).

While Dr. Rasmussen has authored many articles in academic journals, one of his most impressive literature endeavors is the publication of his very own textbook “The Brånemark System of Oral Reconstruction: A Clinical Atlas”. Originally published in 1992, Dr. Rasmussen dedicated the textbook to his father, Richard Allyn Rasmussen, Sr, who has most influenced him in his life. What makes the textbook even more special is that Professor Brånemark, an orthopedic surgeon and the “father of oral implantology” wrote the foreword to the textbook.

Dr. Rasmussen wrote the textbook with the goal of providing a foundation upon which the surgeon, the restorative dentist, and the laboratory technical can draw information to provide excellent outcomes for their patients. It also serves as a review of the evolution and progress of oral implantology. Clinicians can expect detailed surgical protocols and information on Stage I surgery, Stage II surgery, restorative management and maintenance. If you have not read the book yet, you can purchase it from anywhere around the world, including Barnes and Noble.