Established in 1982, Implant & Periodontal Therapy has many things to take pride in over the last 31 years. One of them is our operating room, which is the only one of its kind in the southeastern United States. When Dr. Rasmussen established the practice, he decided to build an operating room and incorporate the true sterile technique. All implant and significant surgical procedures are carried out under the strictest standards of this true sterile technique, exactly as they are at the home of modern dental implantology, the BrĂ¥nemark Clinic in Gothenburg, Sweden (Dr. Rasmussen has traveled to Gothenberg, Sweden, several times to work with the Branemark group!). Our operating room was designed by an engineering group that specializes in operating room design for hospitals, and is one of a kind.

Unlike other offices that perform procedures in a dental operatory, which is a non-sterile environment, our operating room incorporates a separate air conditioning unit with a HEPA filtration unit to filter out bacteria and viruses to deliver a positive pressure air supply to the room at all times.  Prior to surgery, the room receives a terminal scrub, andanyone entering the suite must be fully gowned and masked.

Our commitment to following the highest standards of care yields outstanding clinical outcomes, with an infection rate that is essentially zero.

You can count on Implant and Periodontal Therapy to consistently deliver excellence in care

Fun Fact:

Dr. Rasmussen has placed more than 12,000 dental implants in this operating room!

Here is a look into the operating room:

The Scrub Room