Many people are not aware of this but your periodontal health plays a major role in your overall body health. A person with poor periodontal health might be placing his or her health at risk due to the link between periodontal disease and overall health. We would like to share with you the four systemic diseases (there are more) that have been linked to periodontal disease.



Cardiovascular Disease

While a cause and effect relationship has not been proven between periodontal disease, research has indicated that a person with periodontal disease has an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. This could stem from the chronic inflammation associated with periodontal disease. Studies have shown that a reduction of inflammation in the body (which includes gum inflammation) will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Healthy gum health has also been shown to slow the progression of atherosclerosis, which is the process of plaque buildup in the arteries.


For more than 50 years, many studies have been conducted to show the correlation between diabetes and periodontal disease.Compared to a non diabetic patient, adiabetic patient is more likely develop periodontal disease due to the fact that he/she is more susceptible to developing infections. In turn, a patient with periodontal disease also has an increased risk of developing diabetes. This is due to the fact that they may have a more difficult time controlling their blood sugar.

Respiratory Disease

Respiratory disease has been linked to periodontal disease through the bacteria growth in the oral cavity. Studies have shown that large numbers of respiratory pathogens in the oral cavity may travel to the lungs and increases a patient’s risk of developing a respiratory disease. Respiratory diseases include pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Kidney Disease

The National Kidney Foundation has estimated that 26 million Americans have Chronic Kidney Disease and millions of others are at risk for it. Research has indicated thatpatients with periodontal disease and missing teeth are twice as likely to develop chronic kidney disease than patients who have good periodontal health. The common link between the two diseases may be found in the inflammation that the body has to endure.