As the holiday season approaches, many consumers are beginning to browse for holiday gifts for their friends and loved ones. Are you one of the consumers that need an idea for a gift? We recommend the electric toothbrush! Did you know that the first electric toothbrush was made in 1939? According to the Library of Congress, it was introduced to the American market in 1960 as the Broxodent. Fifty-three years later, the electric toothbrush is now widely available throughout the country in many shapes and sizes. So why is an electric toothbrush highly recommended?

Electric toothbrushes are highly recommended by dentists all over country due to its effectiveness of removing plaque and preventing gum disease. The electric toothbrush’s bristles move at a high speed which enables it to remove plaque faster and better than the manual toothbrush. It can also reach hard to clean areas such as the backs of molars and the gum line, which is important for preventing gum disease. The hard to reach areas could become the source of halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, because bacteria builds up and are not removed properly.

In addition to removing plaque and keeping your breath fresher, other benefits include:

-Preventing you from brushing too hard because the bristles do all of the work. Many times, people tend to brush too hard which can result in gum irritation and enamel erosion

-Built in timers that will ensure that you brush for the proper amount of time. It is recommended that you brush for at least two minutes, allocating 30 seconds for each quadrant.

-Easier for people with mobility issues. With the electric toothbrush, people with limited motor skills will be able to brush the hard to reach areas and also hold the electric toothbrush better since the handles are bigger.

While the electric toothbrush is effective in removing plaque, it is also important to remember that routine cleanings and annual exams with your dentist are important to maintain excellent periodontal health.

Please watch this video from our hygienist, Katrina, on how to properly brush your teeth. Make sure to also share the video with your friends and loved ones!

Proper Brushing Techniques by Katrina