Dr. Richard Rasmussen and Dr. Rasmussen III were invited to attend the prestigious Astra Tech World Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden that took place from May 9- 12, 2012.  As international leaders in continuing education, both Dr. Richard Rasmussen and Dr. Richard Rasmussen III knew that this was not an option but a must. In addition to earning a total of 17 ADA approved continuing education credits each, both doctor returned from the Astra Tech Congress with new found knowledge and inspiration to dedicate themselves even further to providing the highest standard of patient care possible.

Aside from learning about the fifty years of evolution in implant dentistry, other topics that Dr. Richard Rasmussen and Dr. Richard Rasmussen III found useful in providing the best patient care include:

    • Digital dentistry for implant rehabilitation
    • Clinical focus-surgical issues
    • The long-term follow-up of the implant patient
    • Developments in radiographic imaging
    • Risks and managing the unexpected
    • Practice building and management

Astra Tech World Congress..Did you know...?

    • This scientific program was attended by almost 5,000 clinicians from around the world.
    • The meeting is also the largest meeting of any kind in all of Europe for 2012.
    • Gothenburg, Sweden is the home to osseointegration and modern implantology almost 60 years ago.

In other news..

Implant and Periodontal Therapy is proud to announce that we have launched our first Operation Success event May 23, 2012!

Operation Success is a new program that has been designed to introduce our practice to other dental practices in the Tampa Bay community. Unlike our Continuing Education series and Seattle Study Club meetings, the Operation Success program is built specifically for each practice. One purpose of this program is to give other dental practicesa better overview of how our practice operates to enhance our dental teamwork so that we can offer the patient the highest standard of care.

With that said, we are proud to announce that Dr. Shamsia Shafi and her experienced team were the first office to participate in Operation Success. As she starts her career in the Tampa Bay area, we are delighted to support her to assure a life long successful career of providing patients with outstanding clinical outcomes.

Congratulations on your new (and established) practice, Dr. Shafi and Staff!

Congratulations on your new (and established) practice, Dr. Shafi and Staff!